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OMIC is a non-profit tackling the growing national need for experienced engineers – especially in the field of electronics R&D, design and manufacturing. Staffed with practicing, mentor engineers, coupled with a fully capable, small-scale electronics production facility, and a constellation of technology support partners, OMIC employs a collection of diverse engineering and allied STEM students from undergraduate and graduate programs to address real-life needs of industry for R&D and applied engineering projects. OMIC students receive experienced mentorship, pursue industry certifications and training and enter the workforce, maybe even your workforce, with proven skills in real-life applications.
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Micro-Electronics Innovation Center


OMIC Is an Experiential Learning Program Providing Cost-Effective Support For Technology Startups and Industry in Ohio, SBIR/STTR Partners Throughout The US, And Provides To Industry Fresh STEM Graduates With Real-Life Engineering, Science And Entrepreneurial Experience.